Medical Providers continue to be loaded to the CapStar Network. CapStar may have contracts with medical providers who may not yet be loaded to this directory.


The CapStar Health Network is a regionally focused provider network designed with the medical community's needs in mind. A key to our success is the ability to provide face to face interaction and service to CapStar's participating providers. We understand that the delivery of medical care is relational and for the most part it is also local. CapStar's team of Provider Relations Representatives and Network Development staff are based within the geographic region of CapStar's focus. They understand the medical community and its needs. The CapStar objective is to meet the needs of medical providers with superior service in a fully automated yet "high touch" environment where every medical provider is treated with honor and respect.

Philosophy of CapStar Health Network

CapStar was birthed with a vision to serve and improve the quality of life for our customers, employees, and families that utilize our network. CapStar achieves this goal by joining with quality medical providers. We provide an expansive, quality network for employer health plans in an area that encompasses more than 100 counties of the West Texas region. In West Texas, customer service is an expectation, not a trite slogan and CapStar is committed to deliver. We are proud to have thousands of physicians, hospitals, physician extenders and ancillary providers as participating medical providers in the CapStar Health Network. If you or your practice are not participating we invite you to contact us for information on how to become an in-network medical provider to the thousands of plan members we serve.

Clients and Plan Members

The Capstar Health Network was designed to provide access to high quality healthcare in an environment of cost containment. The provider network is a key component of any health plan. Many provider networks have been acquired or consolidated into larger national organizations who are headquartered in far away cities. In that process they have lost their focus specific to the region CapStar is designed to serve. CapStar's regional focus combined with the cost containment strategies we employ creates the best opportunity for a health plan to manage the growing costs of healthcare. Capstar Health Network was designed and built as a unique solution to one of the largest challenges in the health plan industry, combining access and cost effectiveness.

Regional Focus

Health care is local. It is sold, purchased and administered on a local level. At Capstar Health Network we embrace this fact. Our local provider relations and medical contractors are focused on our target region. They work hard each day to maintain the very best in access to providers and lowest reimbursement. By utilizing our deep understanding of the dynamics within CapStar's regional markets, Capstar is able to significantly lower the cost of health care for our clients. Our national expertise, combined with our regional focus, providers optimum savings and provider access for our clients.

Client Specific Approach

Capstar Health Network also recognizes the need for creative, innovative solutions to the challenges we face in health care. By working closely with our client employer health plans and their representative agents or consultants we can design and build client specific utilization based solutions that expand their health care dollar. By working outside of the traditional cookie cutter "one network fits all" approach, Capstar is able to provide significant savings within a network configuration specifically designed for an employer's health plan.